YOYO Token

The core asset of YOYOW is YOYO.


We recommend storing most of your YOYO in the balance. The YOYO in the balance can accumulate Bonus Points, which can be used to pay fees.


We recommend storing small amount of YOYO in the Tipping. For daily small payments, it is recommended to use Tipping instead of balance.

The Design of Balance and Tipping

Balance and Tipping are designed primarily to balance usability and security. The use of balance and tipping requires two different permissions. The active key controls the balance, and the tipping key (secondary key) controls the tipping.

The authority of tipping can be delegated to the platform to facilitate automated trading in the ecosystem created by the platform, without having to use your own private key for each time so as to reduce risks.

Therefore, the balance is designed to store large amounts of assets, and it is not recommended to deposit too many assets in tipping.