Introduction to the Platform

The platform is a service provider that provides content storage, user interaction, authorized login and other services in the YOYOW network. The third party can become a platform through the collateral of YOYO tokens, and the committee has the right to revoke the qualification of the platform and impose other penalties when the platform violates the community consensus/regulation.

Platform Requirements

Common accounts need to deposit sufficient collateral to become platform accounts. Currently, 10,000 YOYO is required for collateral. The creation fee of 1000 YOYO is required to create the platform.

Users Authorizing the Platform

Common users can authorize the platform through the YOYOW wallet, and can authorize the platform proxies to use its authentication authority, which can be used for cross-site login, single sign-on, etc., sharing all users in the YOYOW ecosystem.

User authorization essentially means that the common account grants the authority of the tipping to the platform, and the common account can carry out small amount “password-free payment” in the ecosystem constructed by the platform, helping the platform to quickly have Token of strong circulation. The platform can also use its own issued Token. Please refer to UIA.

More information about user authorization can be found in ForPlatforms.