Executable Files for Testnet

The executable files for testnet can be downloaded on yoyow-core-testnet

Testnet Web Wallet

The website address of the web wallet used in testnet: http://demo.yoyow.org:8000/#/

You can register your testnet account in the web wallet. After registration, you will receive 12000 TEST YOYO.

Running the Testnet Node

Set up a testnet node, run the downloaded yoyow_node of the testnet directly, taking the Ubuntu environment as an example.

./yoyow_node  --rpc-endpoint 

Testnet Explorer

Testnet Explorer: https://testnet.explorer.yoyow.org/

Testnet Public Node

If you don’t want to build a testnet full node by yourself, you can use the public full node directly:

websocket interface address: ws://
jsonrpc interface address:

Running Testnet Wallet

If using public node,yoyow_client needs to be added -s parameter to specify the node address of the link:

./yoyow_client -s ws:// -r -H


If you encounter any problems in testing, such as insufficient test tokens, please add the WeChat of the assistant: yoyow99; apply for the membership of the YOYOW developer group.