Witness Operations

Witness Node Construction

Complete tutorials for building witnesses can be found in YOYOW Witness Tutorials (Ubuntu)


Getting Info of Witnesses

# get_witness <owner_account>
get_witness 132826789

For details, please refer to: get_witness

Query for Witness List

# list_witnesses <lower_bound> <limit> <order_by>
list_witnesses 0 5 1

For details, please refer to: list_witnesses

Creating Witnesses

# create_witness <owner_account> <block_signing_key> <pledge_amount> <pledge_asset_symbol> <url> <broadcast>
create_witness 223331844 YYW1111111111111111111111111111111114T1Anm 1000000 YOYO "http://www.yoyow.org" true

For details, please refer to: create_witness

Updating the Info of Witnesses

# update_witness <witness_account> <block_signing_key> <pledge_amount> <pledge_asset_symbol> <url> <broadcast>
update_witness 223331844 null 100345 YOYO null true

For details, please refer to: update_witness

Witness Voting

# update_witness_votes <voting_account> <witnesses_to_add> <witnesses_to_remove> <broadcast>
update_witness_votes 250926091 [abit] [] true

For details, please refer to: update_witness_votes

Witness being Offline

# Set an offline status first
update_witness 25638 YYW1111111111111111111111111111111114T1Anm null null null true
# and then change the deposit to 0, and the deposit will be returned after 7 days (if no deduction due to misbehaviors)
update_witness 25638 null 0 YOYO null true

Getting Witness Returns

# collect_witness_pay <witness_account> <pay_amount> <pay_asset_symbol> <broadcast>
collect_witness_pay 25638 100 YOYO true